PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA present to services, with the professional and capable team that provides the skilled and managerial labor demand techniques.


 The Crewing Department is headed by an experienced veteran seafarer who has had vast experince, having served for 10 years onboard conventional vessels and liners. Thus his expertise ensures only qualified personnel are deployed to man our principal's vessels.

As for the details below

  • Recruitment and sourcing of crew required by the client

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA provides top quality employees. We maintain an inhouse database with a collection of individuals to meet your needs, whether its a permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time, seasonal or contractual worker.

  • Ensure competence and qualifications of crew

    We will source candidates, screen resumes, interview, complete reference checks and validate necessary certificates.

  • Arrange pre-employment medical, fitness and drug testing

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA can arrange any pre-employment screening, fit testing and drug and alcohol screening for your employees through one of our approved suppliers.

  • Complete crew management throughout the full employment contract

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA can help alleviate the stress of managing your crew by providing deployment, scheduling, training/upgrading certifications and on-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels.

  • Payroll services

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA provides clients with complete payroll services including processing and remittance of required source deductions.

  • Employee coverage through benefit package and workers compensation

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA will enroll and provide a benefit package including medical and dental coverage to your employees. We also ensure that all employees are covered through workers compensation.

  • Travel services

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA offers a full spectrum of travel services to our clients and crewmembers. Our travel services include arranging air or ground transportation as well as hotel accommodations. PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA will ensure that you receive the best flights and rates to meet your needs.

  • Coordinating offshore safety training courses

    PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA can help alleviate the stress of your safety requirements by providing you with crew that are fully trained and certified. We will also assist in providing you and your employees with information on facilities for training.

Other Department


     Operations Department is headed by a competent manager who is fully in charge of crew documentation procedures, the mobilization requirement to deploy appointed crew members.


     The Accounting Department ensures effective billing coordinator, and monetary - related assistance in support of company objectives.

Pooling scheme