About Us

Who we are ?

 PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA was established on August 1st, 2014 was based on the obsession to become Leading Corporation with the vision to develop and supplying Indonesian SEAMAN / GENERAL WORKER / CONSTRUCTION WORKER/ WELDER and many more such as: IT, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Technician through education, training, consultancy and recruiting business which collaborate with international and national companies and we will supply all worker base on your request in Indonesia at foreign companies both internationally and domestic as well.

Our Company is focused in the supply of seafarers and Crew Management Activities.

 PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA is committed to the Principals in providing highly skilled Indonesian Seafarers at a reasonable cost without prejudice to the quality of work. It is our main concern to deliver efficient services in line with existing Maritime Industry International Standards and International certification requirements.

 Statistics shows that Indonesian manpower is very competitive in compensation compare with other countries, However the Indonesian SEAMAN / WORKER has still lack of skills after graduate from high schools, therefore it needs for recruiting, re-educate and give the skills training to cope with the foreign companies environment in order to prevent the dispute or decreasing industrial relationships may occur in future where the globalization era is very tough competitions nowadays.

  In view above case, PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA plays important role to recruit, re- educate, and train and supply Indonesian manpower to industrial companies. PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA targets the supplying SEAMAN / WORKER from the medium - low economy as social responsibility to increase SEAMAN / WORKER quality based on their competency. As the result of the training, this people can work in industry. The Alumni who already work in several companies, PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA will maintain the relationship both the permanent or contract employment.

  Finally, PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA is expected as number one SEAMAN / WORKER supplying for 6 years later on by developing international and domestic relationship with industrial companies.

Our legality

  • Deed of Establishment of a Limited Liability Company, PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA No. 75 dated 30 June 2014 Notary made by Notary Meissie Pholuan, SH having his address at Jl Tanah Abang I No.9 B, Central Jakarta in accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights No. C-91 HT.03.02-2003 dated 27 January 2003
  • VAT: 70,594,566.5-407,000 for the name of PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA
  • Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights Number AHU 16204.40.10.2014 concerning legalization of the establishment of a corporate legal entity Limited PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA
  • Medium Business Trading License Number: 510 / PM / 673 / BPPT.4
  • Company registration certificate 102654704503
  • Company Domicile Certificate Number: 503/04 / Kl.Pjg issued at Pejuang Village, Medan Satria District, Bekasi City

Meaning of our symbols

  • Map/ Globe: The global map means that our people will think globally with international environment and we are ready to supply worker around the world both land and sea area.
  • Color: Blue bencher means that our people ready to solve the challenge situations in doing business activities.


 Since Indonesia is an archipelago, geographically well situated near water explains the maritime instincts of its people.

 Formal education and training is needed to obtain Internationally required seafarers certification although the older generation of Indonesian seafarers became skilled traditionally.

Office Location

Ruko Harapan Indah Blok FB-41, Jl. Aster Indah 2, Kec. Medan Satria, Kota Bekasi, 17131
Office hour : Monday - Friday | 08:00 - 17:00

Our certificated

Motto: Improvement Quality Service

What we do

 PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA is presently at the stage of mobilizing a training center for Maritime and Hotel personnel.

 This training center aims to develop and upgrade seafarers skills and abilities. The school will give emphasis on English language proficiency and technical aspects of individual designation. This school will be manned by 10 staff.

 Most recently PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA has embarked in a cooperation to form a company which will control the training school.

 PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA was supported by some well experience as seaman, worker in foreign countries in many sector. Our main office in Kota Harapan Indah Bekasi it mean we will deploy all worker from many island in Indonesia, no matter what are their ethinically distinct groups, part, family and nation.

 PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA has an affiliated company specializing in forwarding and courier business, cargo handling, custom clearance, warehousing and transportation connected with container services. These companies have a total number of 30 employees.

 The company's main objective is focused on manning and supply of qualified seafarers to fill International Maritime Requirements. Our aim is to provide ship owner and our client, experience seafarers fully equipped with the individual’s field of expertise, and holding internationally required certicates. This ensure quality of service delivered to all our various clients. PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA helps to shape and make work force, hard working and good attitude, manpower recruiting and employment involving the academic and university in psychology test

Our vision

 To be become number one Indonesian SEAMAN / WORKER supply through education, training, consultancy and recruiting.

  To be the one of leading company with difference style and be the 'one stop employment agency' in Indonesia, it means we PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA, develop all job seeker in Indonesia until finally all employee guarantee to be deployed by the company which all employee can find their job like what do they goal.

Our mission

 To develop high quality SEAMAN / WORKER through education, training, consultancy and recruiting in order to fulfill the market demand both international and domestically.

 Increasing the specialist skill work force through continuously training and education.

 Provide the competitive work force demand, sense and etiquette.Maintain trust with user work force companies using services of PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA. Services with synergic and professional.


  • Provide reliable seafarers to fulfill Client benefits.
  • Developing business by creating the international cooperation.
  • Developing 'PT ACAK SAMUDERA INDONESIA' as service.